The value of a human is based on scores that the state (Social Credit System) and the market (CreditScore) give us through opaque algorithms. We are here to change it bottom-up.

Here are our experiments (primary, secondary & personal) on well-being. This is an ongoing process.

Primary Research: We interviewed 4060 gigworkers through 2020 to understand the factors that go into designing the well-being of an individual.

4,060Gig Workers Interviews
50Industry Expert Interviews
3yearsPersonal Experiments

The version 1 of wellbeing model

v1-modelling the wellbeing system.png

The Version 2 of wellbeing model

v2-modelling the wellbeing system.png

Secondary Research

We try to strike a balance between the neuroscience and mysticism components of wellbeing

WE look at an individual level (subjective) wellbeing to lay a foundation.

A few videos to give an idea of the spectrum we are talking about.

The science world

Complete Coherence by Dr. Alan Watkins

How the brain works - Neuroscience by Dr. Huberman

The mystic world

Personal Experiments

on MosesSamPaul

Factors of wellbeing

WellbeingProtocol - TheThirdPillar.Club (1).png