Time to rethink Productivity

The “happy worker” hypothesis provides evidence that higher levels of job satisfaction promote productivity. On the other hand, if well-being in the workplace or in general is low as a result of high levels of stress, productivity may be negatively affected.


Are you facing these Problems?

Dis-engaged Employees

When the Company's vision is not part of an individual's identity they tend to disengage

Dwindling Productivity

Your big brother initiatives such as timesheets aren't improving productivity?

High Employee Churn

Do you see a high employee joining and leaving with no long term commitment?

Moving from Productivity to Wellbeing is in your Self-Interest

A "Well" employee is 500% more productive! - flowstate

4-month plan to improve well-being of your employees

Quantified Wellbeing ~ Balance between Spirituality and Neuroscience

Wellbeing _ Identity _ balance.gif

Identity workshop

Wholistic well-being cannot be achieved without consistent actions which are in alignment with an individual's identity - from philosophical am nobody (Nirvana Shatakam) to tangible frameworks such as Self Authoring Suite, MI test, to Skills (Hard, Soft & Virtues, Values) & Personal Storytelling we nail down the identity of an individual to work with and build upon.

TimeFrame: 15 days

Sample Identity: MosesSamPaul

Wellbeing - 24 hour schedule.gif

Personalised Day schedule

Identity Workshops don't work unless it's worked into an individual's daily schedule. We apply futures methodology, the Getting Things Done framework, & Wellbeing Protocol Nodes to arrive at an Ideal day schedule personalized for each individual.

TimeFrame: 15 days


Collective Accountability

Setting new habits can be difficult and we are bound to err so community support kicks in for 90 days. Small Habits take 21 days to form but big change needs 90 days and we are here to offer that.
Daily Logs, Accountability Partners and Weekly Community Call for tools and Q&As.

TimeFrame: 90 days


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Invest in your People and see you Soar!

Always know what you`ll Pay

Employee Wellbeing Package

(Min 50 Employees)

  • Identity Workshop
  • Personalised Day Schedule
  • Curated Content
  • Tested Tools
  • Daily Accountability
  • Weekly Community Calls
  • Daily Meditation Sessions
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5 / 5

The Identity workshop is something I've never experienced and has opened my eyes to things that I wasn't aware about myself

Anvesh - Community Curator at StopBeingBoring.Club
4.5 / 5

The Accountability program and the weekly community calls have made me get better at breaking and forming habits at will.

Giridhar Gopal - Partner - GrowthOnDemand
5 / 5

The dailylog template has transformed the way I journal and reflect on my day!

Aastha Koushik - Visual Designer - OpenHouse332


or Got any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out.